The Blind Side Is Netflix's Most-Rented Movie of All Time

The Blind Side Is Netflix's Most-Rented Movie of All Time

What other flicks made the top 10?

Published October 6, 2011

(Photo: Courtesy Warner Bros.)

The next time you spot one of those red envelopes from Netflix on someone's coffee table, there's a good chance The Blind Side will be in it. The Hollywood Reporter compiled a list of the 10 most-rented movies in Netflix history, and the Sandra Bullock-starring sports drama snagged the top spot, followed by 2006 Best Picture Oscar winner Crash.


The list may give some subscribers ideas for titles to add to their queue, but for the rest of us it may offer a peek into the motivations of the average American movie watcher. Could it be white guilt that keeps The Blind Side and Crash relevant? A desire to seem smart that put Inception and The Hurt Locker in the top 10? And how in the world did The Bucket List wind up at number three? 


We may never be able to answer that last one, but one thing is clear: we are what we watch.


Click here for the complete list.


Written by Smriti Mundhra


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