Stop Being Nasty: Meet the Browns Season Two DVD Review

Stop Being Nasty: Meet the Browns Season Two DVD Review

The second batch of episodes from Tyler Perry's hit show come to home video.

Published October 6, 2011

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Fans looking to fill the holes in their Tyler Perry DVD collections, fire up your credit cards. The second season of Perry's hit movie-turned-hit-show Meet the Browns dropped on Tuesday, October 4 and features another batch of episodes of Mr. Leroy Brown (David Mann) and his extended family's adventures in communal living at the Brown Meadows retirement home.


The season two DVD focuses on Brown Meadows resident doctor Will and his family, including his his wife Sasha's (often comedic) struggle to be good parents to foster kids Brianna and Joaquin. After getting the Vivian Banks treatment in season one, Brianna (now played by Logan Browning) is the focus of more than one Very Special Episode: boy troubles, meeting her real dad and getting caught taking birth control pills. Joaquin also gets his own special ep in "Meet the Secret," in which his little league coach turns out to be a pedophile. 


No need to worry, despite several after school special-type storylines, Meet the Browns is in no danger of turning into Full House. We still have plenty of Leroy Brown doing his best slapstick in episodes like "Meet the E.R.," in which he gets shot in the butt, and most notably "Meet the Gold Digger," when perpetual cynic Brown actually falls in love…with Harriet Winslow! Family Matters' Jo Marie Payton guest stars as an aging gold digger who's after Brown's "fortune."


The DVD itself doesn't feature any special features to speak of (what the what?!) unless you count Spanish subtitles, but manages to pack 20 episodes onto three discs.

Written by Smriti Mundhra


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