Fantasia’s Holiday Gift: A Baby Boy

Fantasia’s Holiday Gift: A Baby Boy

Singer announces due date amid Mahalia Jackson biopic rumors.

Published October 12, 2011

Speculations are swirling that Fantasia Barrino may be getting cut from the cast of late gospel singer Mahalia Jackson’s biopic. However, the singer, now on maternity bed rest, is focused on having a healthy baby boy as she anticipates the arrival of her new son on December 29th. People reports that she shared the news with Wendy Williams during a phone interview.  

The rumor mill, saying that Barrino would be boosted from the Jackson cast because she is allegedly pregnant with a married man’s baby, almost sent her to the delivery room a trimester early. Barrino told People,"I almost went into labor, because it was the first time that I’ve heard anything about that. I haven’t spoken to the family yet, haven't heard anything from the family, so that was my first time hearing anything about it."

Barrino added about playing the role of Jackson, "I began to gain the weight, I began to study her. And then they called us back in January and said the investors had backed out. So they were waiting on investors.” She also said, “I wanted to make the family proud, and most of all, I wanted to make Mahalia Jackson proud — and my fans and everyone who's been following me."

Written by Bryna Jean-Marie


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