Muhammad Ali Sues for Shoddy Real Estate Deal

Muhammad Ali Sues for Shoddy Real Estate Deal

The former heavyweight champ will fight it out over shoddy house in court.

Published October 12, 2011

Muhammad Ali may not move like he used to, but he’s coming out swinging when it comes to allegedly being cheated on a real estate purchase. He and his wife Yolanda bought a home in Kentucky in 2006 and the problems with the property have been causing the “Greatest of All Time” major grief.

TMZ reports that the Louisville mansion is ridden with issues that include a leaky roof, a leaky chimney, mold and structurally defective decking. These problems ensued almost immediately after the couple bought the home, which leads Ali to believe that the damages already existed when the property was sold to him. Ali and his wife’s lawsuit says that the couple are seeking unspecified damages.

The former heavy weight champion of the world will be celebrating his 70th birthday in January 2012. The Muhammad Ali Parkinson Center & Movement Disorders Clinic was opened nearly three decades ago, shortly after Ali was diagnosed with the condition. He announced his retirement from boxing in 1979 and is considered a living legend.

Written by Bryna Jean-Marie


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