Diddy, Lisa Raye & Robert Townsend's kids cover BE Magazine

Diddy, Lisa Raye & Robert Townsend's kids cover BE Magazine

Celeb off-spring talk working hard to find their own fame.

Published October 13, 2011

(Photo: Courtesy BE Magazine)

BE magazine is shining the spotlight on celeb offspring actor-rapper Quincy Brown (son of Al B. Sure, Kim Porter & bonus dad Diddy), model Kai Morae (daughter of Lisa Raye McCoy) and singer-actress Skye Townsend (daughter of actor-director Robert Townsend) in their fall "Blue Collar Hollywood." The new cover is a nod to the '80s classic film The Breakfast Club and also features director Alfredo Flores (credits include Justin Bieber & Mariah Carey) and emerging hip hop recording artist H. Wood City (credits include Lil Kim & Soulja Boy).


In the feature article, the young entertainers talk about following in the footsteps of their successful parents and working to carve out their own their own path. “I don’t want to be labeled or have any handicaps for when I actually achieve or earn something," said Brown. “It’s very easy for someone to say, ‘Oh he got that because he’s Diddy’s son.’ My job is to make that hard or impossible for anyone to say."


Skye Townsend recognized her dad was famous at a young age but says she got a “quick reality check” when she assumed everyone lived like her family. Now that she’s grown up the Internet sensation is finding her own way in the entertainment world and stars in the BET original web-series 8 Days a Week, her third BET.com series after Buppies and Shop Talk. The new show is about a crew of friends hustling hard to realize their dreams.


Be Magazine’s fall issue goes on sale October 21, in both digital and print editions. In the meantime check out Kae Morae in H. Wood City’s newest video with Raven Goodwin (Glee) below and be sure to check out episode 10 of 8 Days a Week on BET.com October 19.

Written by Nakisha Williams


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