NFL Player James Harrison Is Meanest in Game

NFL Player James Harrison Is Meanest in Game

League mates rank the Steelers linebacker as the baddest.

Published October 13, 2011

Being a NFL linebacker requires a little bit of meanness and a lot of aggression.


In a recent poll conducted by Sports Illustrated, who asked 287 players who they thought meanest in the game was, James Harrison took the number one spot.


His "bad boy" image earned him thirty-five percent of the overall votes. The 33-year-old Pittsburgh Steelers Super Bowl champion is also NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell’s most-often-fined player.


Right behind Harrison on the list is Raven’s Ray Lewis, with Lion's defense tackle Ndamukong Suh rounding out the top three.

(Photo: NFL via Getty Images)

Written by N. Jamiyla Chisholm


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