Australian TV Host Refutes Beyoncé Fake Pregnancy Rumors

Australian TV Host Refutes Beyoncé Fake Pregnancy Rumors

"She is well and truly pregnant, believe me."

Published October 15, 2011

As silly rumors go, the recent whispers that Beyoncé is faking her pregnancy have to be up there on the all-time list. But apparently it's silly season. The rumors started when it appeared that her stomach "folded" during a TV interview on Australian’s Sunday Night HD; some claimed this was proof Bey was wearing a prosthetic baby bump. We don't think the rumors even needed to be addressed, but nonetheless, the host of the show, Molly Meldrum, recently called into a radio show to shoot them down.


"It is a baby under Beyonce’s bonnet, as you put it,, yes," he said. "She’s not freaking out [about the rumors], nor is Jay-Z—they are delighted... [The rumor is] the biggest nonsense I’ve ever heard in my life. She is well and truly pregnant, believe me, and the baby is due out in February. I think that’s weird. People’s imaginations tend to go a bit too wild. She’s a pregnant, beaming woman. I’ve known Beyonce for a long, long time, since Destiny’s Child first rolled onto the scene... [She's] most definitely [pregnant]—those little booties I gave her will go to either the boy or the girl, whatever it may be."

Sunday Night HD is still making the most of the rumors though. The show will replay the footage of Beyonce’s "folding bump" on their show tomorrow night from three different angles. Talk about must-see TV.

Written by BET-Staff


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