Exclusive: Watch a Clip of Nick Cannon's: Mr. Showbiz Comedy DVD

Exclusive: Watch a Clip of Nick Cannon's: Mr. Showbiz Comedy DVD

Cannon went for laughs in his first ever stand-up comedy special, that hits DVD October 25.

Published October 17, 2011

Cannon’s flexing his funny bone in his first ever stand up special, Nick Cannon: Mr. Showbiz, that will be released on DVD October 25.


"People are most familiar with my work as an executive producer, actor, radio and TV host but stand-up comedy is how I got my break into showbiz," Cannon said.  “I’m looking forward to sharing my comedic roots with people who I think will be pleasantly surprised when they watch the DVD."


The special was shot at the Pearl Theatre at the Palms Casino in Las Vegas and aired on Showtime in May 2010 as a 60-minute television event. The DVD will feature the full, unedited 90-minute stand-up show as well as an exclusive behind-the-scenes interview with Cannon discussing how he got started in stand-up and how comedy helped shape his entire career.


As a radio and TV host (America’s Got Talent), actor, musician, comedian, husband (of Mariah Carey) and now father of twins, Cannon’s got plenty of material to pull from. Watch an exclusive clip of the special above where the funnyman cracks on bad kids (hopefully not from personal experience!).

Written by Lisa Johnson


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