Will Smith’s Trailer Too Small for Simon Cowell?

Will Smith’s Trailer Too Small for Simon Cowell?

The 'X Factor' judge needs a bigger crib-on-wheels.

Published October 22, 2011

For Simon Cowell, size matters. The X Factor host is looking to upgrade his mobile digs to something more spacious than the 53-foot double-decker trailer he inherited from Will Smith (price tag: $2 million). The trailer has been used by many movie stars including Smith, who got into trouble with New York City residents for leaving the giant thing parked on the street while he was shooting Men in Black III.


Nicknamed “The Heat,” the trailer includes a lounge, movie room with a 100-inch screen, marble floors and a large bedroom with an all-granite bathroom.


But all that space apparently isn’t enough to contain Cowell’s massive…production staff. A source tells UK’s Daily Mail that Simon has an eye out for a larger moveable mansion because “his trailer is like a very busy office and always full of crew. He has all his meetings in there with the acts he is mentoring as well as filming in there.”


“Now all the other contestants have started to hang out here too,” the source added. "So it's not just about him having somewhere to ‘relax’  as most trailers are; he'll be working in there until late into the night most days just like in his office.”


Fair enough, but hopefully Cowell will learn a lesson from Smith and keep away from the metered parking.





Written by Smriti Mundhra


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