Boyz II Men Show Their Comedic Talent in Video Spoof

Boyz II Men Show Their Comedic Talent in Video Spoof

We knew they could sing, but did you know they were funny too?

Published October 23, 2011

Perhaps in anticipation of their 20th anniversary album, Twenty, the three members of the classic R&B group, Boyz II Men, Nathan, Shawn and Wanya, took to for a spoof video offering a number of ringtones sung by the group.

Their voices are still light and melodic as they debut the funny rings, including a vibrate (them buzzing and whispering "vibrate"), nyan cat (meowing) and specialized ring for your mother (To the tune of "Mama," "It's your Mama/you should pick up/she pushed you out her lady parts"). There are also text message and picture message rings, and a ring for when your ex calls. Although Shawn looked like he was about to crack up in a few takes, the groups timing and delivery were impeccable.

B2M has been very out of the box with their marketing and publicity this year, kicking off 2011 with a Boyz II Men "Love Cruise." Hopefully the publicity was successful and when their album drops on October 25 the fans and show up and grab a copy.



Written by Laura Hagans Smith


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