Maya Rudolph Says 'Up All Night' Role Isn't Based on Oprah

Maya Rudolph Says 'Up All Night' Role Isn't Based on Oprah

Comedian wants to be 'clear' with media.

Published October 27, 2011

Maya Rudolph wants fans to know that she performs original material -- not old "SNL" skits. The Bridesmaids actress joined the cast of NBC's new show "Up All Night," about a couple raising an infant and staring Christina Applegate. Rudolph plays Applegate's talk show host boss, Ava.

Recently, Rudolph was interviewed by a Chicago Tribune journalist, according to The Hollywood Reporter, who asked if the Ava character was based on Oprah Winfrey and the comedian was not amused.

"So you see her existing on the same plane of existence as Oprah, in the same talk show world?" asked journalist Christopher Borelli.

"No. I hope you didn't get that (from my answer)," Rudolph said. "Maybe you misunderstood me — completely, actually. I'll start over. I thought I was being clear."

"Listen, maybe I'm the wrong person to interview about this. I'm getting the impression that you want to do an article on my character being like Oprah. I don't have anything to do with the font they use on the show," Rudolph continued about the typography used for the faux talk show "Ava," which some say looks like that used on "The Oprah Show." "But everybody always asks me if I'm doing Oprah, and I'm not. I did Oprah on 'SNL.' I have yet to see the similarities between my character and Oprah. But people want a story, so they want to hear me saying, 'I'm doing (Oprah).'"

Written by Hillary Crosley


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