Amber Rose: "The Love I Have for Wiz is the Love You Have for Your Child"

Amber Rose: "The Love I Have for Wiz is the Love You Have for Your Child"

Rose talks to about her romance and many upcoming projects. Watch the video!

Published November 5, 2011

Amber Rose is really sweet. In fact, she's downright sappy when it comes to gushing about her man, Wiz Khalifa. “Me and Wiz, we love each other unconditionally," she tells "The love that I have for Wiz, and I know this is going to sound weird, is the love that you have for your child—they can do no wrong. No matter what happens or what goes on, that’s your family. And that’s how me and Wiz are. His family is my family, my mom is his mom, his mom is my mom. We love each other so much,” says Rose, 29.  And all that love has served her well. This has been a break out year for Philly-born Rose, who despite a bevy of haters has made a name for herself beyond the famous rappers she’s dated. In the last year, Rose has made guest appearances on shows like Russell Simmons’ Running Russell and RuPaul’s Drag Race. And with her new gig as a judge of BET’s DJ competition, Master of the Mix, get ready to see a whole lot more of her. The social media darling shares what’s next on her agenda.

Tell us about your role on this season of Master of the Mix.

I’m a judge along with Kid Capri and Vikter Duplaix. My role is to judge solely on the party aspect. A part of my life and job is to travel the world and make appearances at parties.  I know when I’m ready to keep dancing or go to the bar. People go to the club and to parties to have a good time and be happy, and when the DJ is whack, it ruins the fun. So on the show, I’m watching to see how the party moves, like if the DJ plays a great song and then loses people with the next one, that’s when I intervene. But I’m really nice, so it was hard sometimes but I had to be tough because I wanted them to get better.  

This has been a great year for you. You’ve really been able to step out of the shadows as a “girlfriend” and make a name for yourself. What have you been up to?

It’s been a really amazing year. I have two movies coming out, one is Just Add Water, which is a sci-fi thriller, where I play a supervisor to all the Androids on a spaceship. Then in Gang of Roses 2, I play a bounty hunter who is also a butch lesbian, which was super cool, because even though I dress androgynous sometimes, I’m really feminine. So I had to hang out with Wiz and the guys, and study their mannerisms. I even had a speech coach to help make my voice deep.

Wow. Any thing other than acting going on? What ever happened with your line of sunglasses?

I’m still working on it. But it takes time. Right now it would be someone else designing them and I put my name on them, but I don’t want to do that. I’m really creative, so I want to go in and design them myself. And until I get that opportunity, I won’t be doing sunglasses. Because it has to be dope and dope things take time.  But I’m designing for Member’s Only! It’s going to be winter jackets in furs and wool with hoods and capes. I’m also going to be the new face of Smirnoff Whipped and Fluffed, two new flavored vodkas that are coming out. My billboards are going to be everywhere—in Times Square, all over the US, all over Europe. And since I’ve been in New York, I’ve been in the studio constantly working on music.

Wait, so you’re making music? Cool! What’s your sound like? Who are your inspirations?

My sound is more house, club music.  My inspirations are Missy, Pitbull, Fergie—I love the sound of her voice. I want to make really fun, high energy music that will make you dance. Everyone knows I’m from Philly, it’s a very musical city. I grew up with my mom playing music all day long, before school, after school, during dinner. I love music, I always have. And I’ve always written music, but it was very personal for me. But I sat and had a conversation with my beautiful boyfriend Wiz, and showed him and he was like, ‘Baby, you’re so talented. You could really do this.’ And he just gave me inspiration and I’m really taking it serious. You guys are going to love it.

That’s amazing. Well, you and Wiz seem truly happy. How do you make it work, especially with your busy schedules?

A lot of the times we can’t be together every single day, like right now, he’s in Europe for three weeks and I’m in New York for three weeks. But it really just makes us stronger.  All the Internet crap and rumors and people hating, we don’t get bothered by that. We really want to inspire young people to know that it’s okay to love. It’s okay to just be with just one person and really just be all about them and hold them down. Even for aspiring rappers, Wiz has changed the game. He doesn’t care what people say about him. He’s all about me, he’s still super ill. It didn’t take anything away from him. And I love him. He’s an amazing person and God really brought him into my life to make me happy.

Check out Amber Nov. 5 on Master of the Mix, and every Saturday at midnight on BET.

(Photo: Rayon Richards/BET)

Written by Norell Giancana


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