Janet Jackson’s Wardrobe Fine Dropped

Janet Jackson’s Wardrobe Fine Dropped

CBS will not pay half a million for singer’s peek-a-boob.

Published November 5, 2011

Who can forget that moment—well, less than a moment—when Justin Timberlake pulled down part of Janet Jackson’s top and revealed her breast during a halftime performance at the Super Bowl seven years ago? Certainly not CBS, who was fined more than a half of a million dollars for the fiasco.

Now the network can put that infamous scene, which was reportedly reviewed on the Web more than any other moment in TV history, behind them. BBC reports that a federal appeals court has ruled that CBS should not be fined. The Federal Communication Commission (FCC) appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court in 2008 to force the TV network to pay $550,000.

At the time of the incident, CBS received a record number of complaints, 500,000. CBS, Jackson and Timberlake all issued apologies for the costume malfunction. Additionally, BBC notes that in 2004 broadcasters did not employ a video delay for live events. This changed within a week of the game.

Written by Bryna Jean-Marie


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