Michael Jackson's Kids Not Watching Trial

Michael Jackson's Kids Not Watching Trial

Katherine Jackson's giving them the details instead.

Published November 6, 2011

This is one circus that's not for kids. Michael Jackson's children—Prince, Blanket and Paris—have thankfully been kept from watching the manslaughter trial of Conrad Murray, the doctor who has been accused of having a hand in Jackson's death. Instead, according to TMZ, their grandmother Katherine Jackson has been filling the young ones in on the relevant updates of the trial herself, presumably to shield them from the painful details laid out on the witness stand.


The trial, which has been fully televised, revealed in painstaking detail the pop star's mental and physical condition at the time of his death, along with his history of abusing prescription drugs. The jury is currently deliberating the fate of Conrad Murray. While the Jackson family waits anxiously for the verdict, Jackson's kids are trying to keep things normal. The three kids went to see Tower Heist on Friday night, rather than watch cable news coverage of the trial. 



Written by Smriti Mundhra


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