Amber Rose Responds to Kanye's Concert Comments

Amber Rose Responds to Kanye's Concert Comments

She hopes the rapper finds "a beautiful girlfriend."

Published November 6, 2011

During last Wednesday's Watch the Throne tour stop in Philadelphia, Kanye West shared his softer side with audience and dedicated a song to ex-girlfriend Amber Rose.

"I know love ain't always easy, especially when people are in your business, like they are with me all the time," West told the audience during his performance of "Runaway." "Ya'll gonna fight. Y'all gonna argue. It's gonna be people hating on y'all and s--t."

He then finished out the song by thanking Philly for making an unnamed person that many suspect is Rose herself.

"To the city of Philly, I want to thank y'all for making the incredible person that this song was made for," he said.

It should be noted that Rose's current boyfriend, Wiz Khalifa, made a similar statement a few days earlier during the Power 99 Powerhouse. 

"Philly, thank you for making her, but she's mine now," Khalifa told the crowd on October 29.

So what does the object of these two rapper's affections have to say? In her first statements, Rose said she'd accept West's comments as an apology for being an a--hole to her during their relationship.

"I feel like he gets that now, and he's remorseful about being an a--hole to me," Rose told Complex. "But he called me an incredible person, and I take that as an apology. And if it was an apology, I forgive him for being an a--hole. I don't hold any grudges. I don't hate him. I want him to find a girl and for him to treat her better than he treated me."

In a later interview, Rose repeated that she doesn't hold bad feelings against West. 

"I think he's right. If you love someone you should hold on to them and treat them right[...] People expect me to hate Kanye or for him to hate me...but I don't hate him," she told "I want the best for him, I want him to find a beautiful girlfriend...I want him to find happiness because I found happiness."

Written by by Dorkys Ramos


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