Herman Cain Parodied By Mike Tyson

Herman Cain Parodied By Mike Tyson

The boxer plays the troubled presidential candidate in a Funny or Die video.

Published November 10, 2011

Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain has been dodging punches from his political detractors for months, but now he has Mike Tyson to contend with. The boxing champ is using his wit — not his left hook — to cut into Cain. 


Tyson teamed up with Funny or Die to make a spoof video about the presidential contender called "Campaign Promises." In the clip above, Tyson plays Cain in a campaign ad, telling the American people "the Tea Party loves crazy more than they hate Black."


The full video — worth watching regardless of one's political views — can be seen on FunnyorDie.com. The site also features spoofs of other candidates.


As for Herman Cain, the embattled candidate appears to be taking full advantage of the opportunity to change the subject from the mounting sexual harassment allegations against him, to something lighter. He'll capitalize on his pop culture moment by stopping by David Letterman's couch on November 18, says Reuters. Perhaps he can help the talk show host with a Top 10-10-10?

Written by Smriti Mundhra


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