Kardashian Ex-Publicist: I've "Staged Several Moments" for Kim

Kardashian Ex-Publicist: I've "Staged Several Moments" for Kim

The backlash against the reality star continues.

Published November 11, 2011

While Kim Kardashian struggles to prove to the world that her life is indeed real, the star's former publicist has come forward with some damning information to the contrary.


"I've staged several moments that the world has seen of her," Jaxson said on radio program Elvis Duran and the Morning Show.


The loose-lipped publicist then reveals an incident on December 26, 2007, when Kardashian was attempting to figure out how to garner more publicity for herself. The two then came up with a plan to trick the press into thinking she was engagement-ring shopping with then-boyfriend Reggie Bush


Jaxson explains Kardashian's suggestion: "'Let me go to a ring store and act as if I'm walking out and Reggie Bush is proposing to me,'" he recalls the reality star saying.


When asked if Jaxson and Kardashian staged the Reggie Bush proposal he says, "100 percent."


Jaxson adds that this kind of behavior is what drove Kardashian and Bush apart. "He was totally unaware of these type of antics," Jaxson says. "And when he finally got wind of it through some other people, he chose not to be in this relationship."


As for her 72-day marriage to Kris Humphries, Jaxson surprisingly says he believes that Kardashian was in love, but rubbishes the family's insistence that they didn't profit off the nuptials.


"She would never make such a move...[of] getting proposed or engaged...if she wasn't serious in love," Jaxson says. However, "to say they weren't paid is a bunch of foolish garbage."


As for the (literally) multi-million-dollar question of Kardashian's future as a reality star, Jaxson isn't optimistic. Citing Kardashian's former BFF Paris Hilton as a prime example, he says, "they all die out eventually."




(Photo: Mark Metcalfe/GettyImages)

Written by Smriti Mundhra


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