Box Office: Immortals Crushes Jack and Jill

Box Office: Immortals Crushes Jack and Jill

Box Office: Immortals Crushes Jack and Jill. The epic action flick grabbed $68 million.

Published November 15, 2011

If you're a man under the age of 30, or a woman dating a man under the age of 30, chances are you spent your movie and popcorn dollars on Immortals this weekend. The action epic raked in a whopping $68 million at the box office, says the Hollywood Reporter, slaying the competition which included Adam Sandler's Jack and Jill ($26 million), Leonardo DiCaprio's J. Edgar ($11.5 million) and a very tenacious Puss in Boots ($25.5 million in its third week of release).

One might think a typical Immortals audience contains hundreds of middle American frat boys and gamers, but in fact more than one-third of the audience for the R-rated film was Hispanic and Black. Another interesting tidbit? While Sandler's Jack and Jill got massacred by critics and gave him one of his weakest openings in recent memory, it became his biggest hit in Mexico (likely on the strength of his co-star, Mexican comedian Eugenio Derbez).

By contrast, older folks flocked (well, strolled) to Clint Eastwood's J. Edgar and families were divided between Jack and Jill and Puss in Boots, which basically came in at a draw.

(Photo: Relativity Media)

Written by Smriti Mundhra


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