Ice Cube in Talks for New Friday Film

Ice Cube in Talks for New Friday Film

Ice Cube in Talks for New Friday film. He’ll write, star and Chris Tucker may join him for next installment.

Published November 17, 2011

If all the stars align, moviegoing audiences might be saying TGIF one more time.


Deadline is reporting that Ice Cube is currently in talks with New Line Cinema to write, produce, star and direct a new installment of his popular Friday movie series. Details are still being hammered out, but what’s even more interesting is that Chris Tucker might be joining in on the day-in-the life slacker fun, according to TMZ.


Actor Tiny Lister, who portrayed DeBo in the original film, says that Tucker flew him out on his private jet to discuss reuniting the old school Friday crew. Lister also says that Cube and Tucker have a meeting scheduled next week to hammer out what could evolve into a fourth Friday film and Lister says, “This is gonna be the big one.”


After starring in the 1995 original film as the lovable pothead Smokey, Tucker bowed out of the two sequels 2000’s Next Friday and 2002’s Friday After Next due to religious reasons. Many are speculating that Tucker’s IRS tax bill woes might be the catalyst for the jump-start in his movie career.


Wouldn't it be nice to have the hilarious Rush Hour star back on the big screen in something other than Rush Hour?


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Written by Ronke Idowu Reeves


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