Jackson Family Tries to Reclaim MJ Handprints

Jackson Family Tries to Reclaim MJ Handprints

The late singer's family insists Las Vegas relic is their rightful property.

Published December 3, 2011

As the King of Pop, Michael Jackson left quite an impression. But few were more valuable than the hand and footprints he left in a concrete slab that's currently the cause of a tense battle between its owner and MJ's family.

Jackson made the prints in 1984 for a Las Vegas hotel, which had commissioned the piece for a "Hollywood Walk of Fame"-inspired exhibit in front of its main entrance. The exhibit never happened, and the priceless concrete slab sat unnoticed in the hotel basement—until it was auctioned off years later, with a man named Andy Wilson placing the winning bid.

Now, the Jackson family is laying claim over the piece, arguing that it's the rightful property of Mike's estate. They've offered Wilson a $25,000 upfront fee and a percentage of any merchandising profits earned off the item. But Wilson is refusing, telling TMZ that the price isn't right and that he's holding out for a better deal.

What we want to know: Are they just any ol' dime-a-dozen MJ footprints, or moonwalk footprints? Makes a difference, don't you think?

Written by BET-Staff


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