Sister Dish: Tamar and Trina Braxton

Sister Dish: Tamar and Trina Braxton

Tamar and Trina Braxton dish about Family Values, living on camera.

Published January 24, 2012

Like any siblings, the Braxton sisters have their squabbles, but their spats play out on television on the WeTV reality series Braxton Family Values. “We’re doing a lot of arguing. Everybody is growing up and there’s a lot of shifting and understanding the roles that we used to play and the roles that we play now,” says Tamar, often labeled as the instigator of the arguments. “There’s usually someone arguing with Tamar because Tamar is very brash sometimes in her tone of speaking,” adds sister Trina. “A lot of times she does make sense. But it’s hard to live around that.” 

“I need a filter,” acknowledges Tamar, the youngest of the quintet that also includes Toni, Traci and Towanda.


Her tongue gets her into trouble with comments she makes to her sisters in the January 26 “Desert Divas” episode, which prompts a trip to an Arizona desert retreat to work out their differences. “When we were younger we had a certain closeness. Now we’re older and we’re adults and we have our own families and our own lives. We had to kind of relearn how to interact with each other,” says Trina. “We’re working on it, though. We’re getting better.”


She’s “excited about being completely open” in their relationship interaction in the second season. “The first season was an introduction to our family and who we are, and now you get a microscope glimpse into our lives,” compares Trina. Living with the cameras around is admittedly an adjustment. “I can’t say it’s not challenging, and in some of the episodes you just want to hide under the covers, but it’s definitely worth it.” Tamar points out another advantage. “We get to watch it on TV and call each other and apologize,” she says.


Mama Evelyn’s engagement is a topic of contention this season because the girls are used to having her to themselves, “but we also don’t want her to be alone,” Trina says. She expects that if there’s a third season, another generation of Braxtons will be more involved. Her son, Eric, 16, is interested in the music biz. “He’s a little rock star,” she says. “He wears his hair all spiky, black fingernail polish.”


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 (Photo: Angela Weiss/Getty Images)

Written by Randy Norman


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