Niecy Nash: "I've Been Married, Divorced, the Baby Mama and Side Piece"

Niecy Nash

Niecy Nash: "I've Been Married, Divorced, the Baby Mama and Side Piece"

The Soul Man star talks the sitcom's second season and why she gives great love advice.

Published June 19, 2013

Niecy Nash is riding a career high. The actress returns as wife and mom Lolli Ballentine to the hit TV Land family sitcom The Soul Man on June 19 (check your local listings). The California native, best known for her work on American Dad! and Reno 911, is now also a published author. When Nash spoke to she discussed her latest book, It's Hard to Fight Naked, which highlights her real-life gifts as a love guru. Plus, she gave us the scoop on her chemistry with on-screen hubby, Cedric the Entertainer, who’s headlining the BET Experience's Turnt Up Tour comedy showcase. 

The Soul Man is a big success and huge part of that is thanks to you and Cedric. You guys have a great on-screen chemistry.

We do have a great chemistry. So much so that in the first season I would be like, “Could you get that stuff out of the back of my car?” Or I’d say, “Uh… listen, I’m going to need you to stop and pick up something for me…” And Cedric would be like, “You do know I have a real wife.” I’m like, “Oh yeah, my bad.” [Laughs] We get along really, really well. We’re both in happy marriages so it’s easy to bring that energy to the set of The Soul Man.

Your character Lolli is a part of that great tradition of Black moms on TV. What kind of future story lines would you like her to have?
One of the things I’m excited about this season is you get to see Lolli’s sister introduced. I think it’s always good and very telling when you get to meet a character’s family. I would love for them to introduce Lolli’s mom in a future episode or for her to have girl time and travel on a trip with her friends. I like the idea of getting a little more insight into her world.

Tell us about your new book.
My book is called It’s Hard to Fight Naked. I wrote the book because I was feeling like we struggle most with the very thing we were created for — love. It’s funny, fun and it’s a quick read but there is definitely a lot to take away from it. I’ve been through so many things in relationships I just wanted to share. There is a little something in the book for everybody; you can be sour towards relationships or just getting back in the game. Or, if you’ve been married or in a committed relationship for awhile and need help to keep the party going, there's advice to help you — whatever your journey.

You hosted Clean House and your new book gives advice on love. Why do you enjoy being a people helper?
I’m genuine and I’m available. I want people to be at their best. I want them to love and be loved to their fullest ability. My friends call me their relationship nanny so we have a good time working through problems. Now I don’t claim to be an expert, but I am a woman who has been through everything. I’ve been married, divorced; I’ve been the baby momma, the side piece and the secret…all of these things. I share it in an effort to make people better.

A few years back your family was featured on a reality show. Would you ever do one again?
I don’t have a desire to do reality. Because my truth is not what people are responding to. My truth is funny; I laugh with my husband every day. We make a lot of love, we eat good food, we tell very funny jokes — that’s my life. But when you look at what networks are putting on television because people watch, it’s headache, it’s heartache and it’s a train wreck. That’s not my world — I’m a lover not a fighter. So I’m fine to live my truth and I probably will never do another reality show again. I don’t need to do a reality show to make my mark in this world.

Your series Reno 911 was a huge fan favorite. If a reunion show or a reboot was in the works would you be on board?
Maybe someday, I never, ever say never with regards to that show. We talk about it sometimes. We’ve gathered in different groups from the cast. And we’re always like, “Man we need to do something, man we need to get back together.” If they called me I would put that booty and that baby hair back on in a heartbeat.

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Written by Ronke Idowu Reeves


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