Bill Maher Goes in On Ben Carson: 'You Are a Clear and Present Ding Dong'

Bill Maher, Ben Carson

Bill Maher Goes in On Ben Carson: 'You Are a Clear and Present Ding Dong'

The host ripped the Republican to shreds for his religious views.

Published November 21, 2015

Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson was recently slammed by talk show host and political commentator Bill Maher for his views on religion.

According to Complex, Maher, who pointed out that Carson is a part of the Christian sect Seventh-Day Adventism, called the politician a "ding dong" after his claim that Jesus would return on October 22, 1844 was, of course, false.


"Spoiler alert, he didn't," Maher said on his talk show Real Time With Bill Maher, last night. "Which you'd think would have made the followers go, 'Well, I guess that was a bunch of bulls**t.' Seventh-Day Adventists refer to the world not ending in 1844 as the Great Disappointment. They're disappointed that the world still exists. I don't have to agree with a politician on everything; we can disagree on abortion, entitlements, paid sick leave, the earned income tax credit, but the earth staying is kind of a deal breaker for me."

That's not all. Maher went on to ask how Carson can be so concerned with political matters if he's so busy preparing for The Rapture. "How serious can people like this be about wanting to improve the future when they don't think we'll be around for it?," he said. "A majority of Evangelicals say Christ will either probably or definitely return to earth by 2050, depending on his schedule. So why fix the streetlights if there's just going to be a big fight with Satan? Why reform healthcare? Why wear pants?"

To end the shade, Maher took one last jab at Carson regarding his comment that he could. "feel God's fingers pushing him to be president." Maher's response: God should keep his fingers to himself.

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Written by John Justice


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