Girl, Bye: Stacey Dash Has the Nerve to Demand an Apology

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Girl, Bye: Stacey Dash Has the Nerve to Demand an Apology

The former actress uses Morgan Freeman as an excuse for her clueless comments.

Published January 26, 2016

Gather 'round, guys. Stacey Dash is speaking again, and this time, she wants an "I'm sorry." According to her latest blog post, the former actress says she deserves an apology from all of her critics because Morgan Freeman agrees with her.

In the post titled, "Twitter Haters, When Do I Get My Apology for Agreeing with Morgan Freeman about #BlackHistoryMonth?," the actress went into more detail as to why BET and Black History Month need to be axed.

"When I spoke out on Fox News and on my blog about the need to get rid of BET and Black History Month, all the same usual Twitter haters came out of the woodwork to troll me and say all sorts of disgusting things about me," she wrote on Monday. "If you're going to call me ignorant, stupid, and an Uncle Tom, you need to be intellectually honest and also call out Morgan Freeman."

Before embedding a clip of Freeman's comments from a 2006 segment on 60 Minutes, she wrote, "What's that you say? You didn't realize that Morgan Freeman agrees with me that having a Black History Month is actually racist and a part of the problem in healing race relations in America?"

In the segment, the Glory actor called the February celebration of Black excellence "ridiculous" saying, "You're gonna relegate my history to a month?"

Well, seems like Stacey thought his words were the Gospel as she continued in her blog, "Damn straight, Morgan Freeman! PREACH IT! It's time we decide as a society whether we want to care about race or not. Like Morgan Freeman says, there is no White History Month and there should be no Black History Month... You want racial healing and reconciliation? You want true equality? Listen to Morgan Freeman — Stop. Taking. About. Race... So when do the Twitter trolls apologize to me?"

We have a feeling she's going to be disappointed as it's pretty unlikely that she'll be receiving an "apology" from anyone anytime soon.

Check out our BET Breaks clip of Stacey Dash's interesting "message to women," below: is your No. 1 source for Black celebrity news, photos, exclusive videos and all the latest in the world of hip hop and R&B music. 

(Photo: Anthony J. Causi / Splash News)

Written by Moriba Cummings


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