David Justice Is Demanding the Truth From Halle

David Justice Is Demanding the Truth From Halle

The actress's first husband has a serious request.

Published February 1, 2016

After years of rumors that he allegedly hit Halle Berry, David Justice, the actress's first husband, is begging her to tell the truth so that his name can be cleared.

"I'm telling everybody I didn't do it," he said during an interview with Inside Edition. "You know I didn't do it."

Dating back years ago, the Monster's Ball actress said an ex once hit her so hard that she was left more than 80 percent deaf in one ear. While Berry didn't specifically point out that Justice was the man who did it, the public assumed it was him.

"People would say, 'Yeah, I heard it was David Justice,'" he said. "If it was me, then say it. Say it. But she can't say it because she knows it wasn't. So she'd rather not say it and just let you go ahead and believe it."

After the actress split from her husband Olivier Matinez in November 2015, the 49-year-old former baseball star spoke out in a series of tweets about her, stating that he's moved on and just wants the allegedly false accusations wiped clean. "She could've squashed [the rumors] at that time," he wrote. "I have three kids and a wife for 15 years. It was important that my kids knew that their dad didn't do [it]."

Ending the interview, Justice had these final words for his ex-wife: "It would've been cool if you had come out a long time ago and let people know it wasn't me. That would've been cool. But you didn't do it."

David Justice's full interview with Inside Edition airs later today.

Watch the BET video below of Justice's clapback to Halle with the help of another one of her exes:

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Written by John Justice


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