Idris Elba's Ex-Wife Says He Broke Her Heart

Idris Elba's Ex-Wife Says He Broke Her Heart

The hunky actor was married to lawyer Sonya Hamlin for four months.

Published February 28, 2016

Idris Elba is reportedly a single man again after splitting from his baby's mother Naiyana Garth, but before you rush to try to slide into the British hunk's DMs, you might want to listen to a warning from his ex-wife.

Apparently, Idris was married to a lawyer named Sonya Hamlin very briefly — we're talking four months — back in 2006, but that was long enough to leave Hamlin broken-hearted after the split. According to UK's The Sun, Elba and Hamlin had been living together in Maryland for a few weeks immediately after he wrapped up his stint on The Wire, and tied the knot during a wild night in Las Vegas.

“I remember Idris. They were both very nice, not intoxicated or nothing crazy like that. They arrived at 5-6pm," a source at the chapel says. “I recognised him because my brother’s a fan of The Wire. They were having a lot of fun. The person checking them in was joking about them marrying in Vegas and Idris was giving it back.”

Apparently they immediately regretted the decision, as Hamlin filed for divorce just two months later. According to The Sun, the couple were fighting about where to live and when and if to have kids. “One of the reasons it ended was her practice was doing well here but Idris wanted to be in LA," another source adds. “At some point he had a choice between being a husband or a heartbreaker. He chose his career over her.”

Sonya's mother and Idris' former mother-in-law Betty Hamlin tells the paper, “It was a very painful relationship.” Another friend adds, “It’s a heartbreak story. She cared about him and when they broke up it tore her up.”

A 2012 tweet from Sonya, however, makes it seem like things are all good between the exes now:

Idris' love life has always been something of a mystery — from his first wife Kim Elba, to his rumored hookups with K. Michelle and Naomi Campbell — but according to him, he has very little game. Believe him, or nah?

(Photos from left: John Phillips/Getty Images, Sonya Hamlin via Twitter)

Written by Evelyn Diaz


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