Kevin Hart Indirectly Responds to Katt Williams in the Classiest Way

Kevin Hart Indirectly Responds to Katt Williams in the Classiest Way

The foul-mouthed comic called the Ride Along star a "puppet" and more.

Published February 29, 2016

It was only a matter of time until Kevin Hart responded to the intense levels of shade that Katt Williams directed his way while on his Conspiracy Theory tour. Williams ruthlessly slammed Hart during his Atlanta show, calling him a Hollywood "puppet" and saying he traded sexual favors for fame.

While Hart hasn't directly clapped back at Williams, a message he posted to Instagram after the Oscars ceremony with host Chris Rock and legendary comedian Dave Chappelle pretty much says it all:

"Me & Dave Chappelle with our brother @chrisrock tonight at the Oscars. True professionals understand the importance of sticking together & supporting one another.... at the end of the day we are comedians & there aren't many that make it to level that we have made it," he wrote. "But so many doors are opened from the success of one comedian & when you see those doors open you then have the opportunity to walk thru's about helping one another not trying to tear each other down!!!! The insecure ones will never understand what 'Support & encouragement' #Message #DopePic #Legendary"

Of course, Kevin could just be speaking in generalities, but the timing of the post suggests otherwise. 

Kev is not the only one Katt has put on blast. Check out what the foul-mouthed comedian has to say about the police, IRS and others, below:

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Written by Evelyn Diaz


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