Denzel Puts it Down, Gangster Style!

Denzel Puts it Down, Gangster Style!

All I can say is  -- WOW!!!!

Published November 4, 2007

All I can say is  -- WOW!!!!

In one of the biggest upsets at the box office this year, R-rated and often bootlegged "American Gangster" knocked off the PG-rated, animated comedy "Bee Movie." "American Gangster" grossed $46.3 million to open number one at the box office. Coming in a close second was the family comedy, "Bee Movie," bringing in $39.1 million.

Always considered a great A-list actor and two-time Oscar winner, Washington has never had a strong track record for opening films. His largest opening weekend was $29 million for "Inside Man." It took Washington over 25 years to hit the $40 million mark. Several notable Black actors including Will Smith (seven times), Eddie Murphy (four times) and Samuel L. Jackson (three times) have already achieved this lofty industry feat.

But come award time, it appears that Washington may have the last laugh -- he is an odds on favorite to receive his sixth Oscar nomination continuing his remarkable run as the most decorated Black actor ever. To put that in perspective, Washington if he receives a nomination for "American Gangster" will be halfway to Jack Nicholson's record twelve nominations and two Oscar wins away from tying Katherine Hepburn for the most Oscar wins.

Bet Murphy can't say that sleeping on his bed of money!

What's more important, being known as a great actor and movie star or starring in films that make lots of money?

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