Snoop Talks Movies, Fatherhood

Snoop Talks Movies, Fatherhood

WTF caught up with perennial hip hop favorite Snoop Dogg recently to discuss what's happening in his film, music and TV careers.

Published November 26, 2008


WTF caught up with perennial hip hop favorite Snoop Dogg recently to discuss what's happening in his film, music and TV careers.

Snoop, whose E! TV show "Fatherhood" returns to the air Sunday at 10:30, recently wrapped a film called "Por Vida" with Danny Glover and Laz Alonso about a Latina gang leader in South Central; and is also working on some new music. He spoke with WTF exclusively at the E! offices in Los Angeles.

WTF: What did you learn from last season's show that you won't repeat this season?

SD: Boss Lady (his wife Shante) wins all the time.

WTF: You didn't know that?

SD: I didn't know that. You don't know it till you watch it that she wins all the time. I've got to take the back seat. Like  all my homies say that's just the rule of the game. You gotta lose to her all the time. Don't argue, just let it go.

WTF: What are some of the things you're going to be kicking off this season?

SD: It'll be a lot about the time we spend together--me and my boys--(Corde and Cordell)--my oldest son is just getting into high school now. And also showing you my side as a football coach. I really showed the world inside my world as a football coach because I've always kept that sacred because when I do that with the kids I don't want no attention. I like to dedicate my time and devotion to them. But I felt like this year I wanted to let people in to see that it's real. And we'll also highlight some of the underneath characters on the show.

WTF: Now if Boss Lady is running the house your daughter Choc must be the No. 2.

SD: Definitely. No doubt. She's in full control. She's doing good in school, getting A's and talking major (expletive) and getting all the money. I give my kids money for the best grades because I like to have incentives in life. I'm not just giving them money for nothing.

WTF: Are you going to be that daddy with the baseball bat by the door when the young brothers start rolling up on Choc?

SD: I ain't letting nobody in! There won't be nobody mackin' my daughter. You can believe that. So they can cancel that. When she starts developing, I'm taking her off the TV show.

WTF: Now what's up with "Por Vida?"

SD: Yeah, that was a great piece. Deep. I loved it. I'm anxious to see what it looks like. I got a chance to work with Danny Glover. We had lines together and scenes together and it was like, you know what I'm saying I'm getting too old for this (expletive)! I done acted with Denzel and Pam Grier just to name a few!

WTF: What role do you play?

SD: I was a teacher but I was a militant black history teacher. Very strong and positive and intellectual. Things that I've always strived to be. Things I've never really took time to do fully, I get to do in this role. I even look like the character. I was going home one night with my beard and my glasses and my little African hat--I looked like Malcolm X. So, when I was riding down the street and someone pulled up next to me and said, 'Man, you almost look like Snoop Dogg.' I said, 'No, my brother.'  I drove off on him and was like, 'Yeah!'

WTF: What's up with your music?

SD: I'm producing now. I'm about to start a digital label--Digital Online Gangsta Grooves. I'm going to be producing for a lot of new acts that are basically suffering from this music industry drought right now.

WTF: You still involved with that Bollywood ("Singh is Kinng")  flick?

SD: Yeah, yeah. I'm actually going to create my own movie because I feel like now that I touched it and I see what it is, I want to make my own. I don't want to be a part of your thing, I think I can add something to it and put a twist on it and do a Snoop Dogg Bollywood movie so I can cake out--you know what I mean?

Written by Miki Turner


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