Smith Credits MTV With Him Grow and Obama Win

Smith Credits MTV With Him Grow and Obama Win

  When Will Smith talks on screen, he earns millions.

Published December 7, 2008


When Will Smith talks on screen, he earns millions. When he simply talks, millions listen.

During a recent interview in which the two-time Oscar nominee was plugging his new film "Seven Pounds," Smith talked about Barack Obama and what role MTV played in his becoming the 44th President of the United States. And you know what? WTF thinks he's totally right!

"I truly believe that a large part of why Barack is in office--and they're not getting credit--has to do with MTV," said Smith whose Overbrook Productions company recently made a deal with some distribution companies in the UAE. "What MTV did is lay conduit between the inner city, the suburbs and between American kids and the world. You can't tell a 15-year-old white kid a lie about black people. They know it's not true. Whereas with their parents and grandparents, you could feed any type of misinformation that you wanted to because they didn't have the connectivity and the artistry. What MTV was able to create in connecting kids of all races, creeds and colors, they were able to release and relieve the fear that comes when you don't know. So, for me, in my mind, the deal that we're making in the UAE is going to lay that type of artistic conduit between the West and the Muslim world."

Smith also said that Obama's historic win inspired him in other ways.

"I don't think that America is a racist nation," Smith said. "I think there are racist people who live here. Barack being elected it so validated something inside of me that now I'm allowed to say out loud what I've wanted to say for so many years, let's create our own movies. Yes, it was written for a white character but you take the responsibility and show how it can be something else. And it's like you're an uncle Tom if you said that. You know the white man has got you brainwashed. Now I just feel so free. I feel unleashed to say things and do things the way I felt for such a long time. And it's like America to me is the most fantastic nation that has ever existed in the history of this planet."

As for his inauguration plans, Smith plans on being up in there on Jan. 20, but he's not exactly sure where he'll be or what he'll be doing.

Q: Are you going to the inaguration? Will you have a front row seat?

WS: Yes, but I dunno it's gonna be hard to get a front row seat to that one!

Q: Are you going to participate in the event?

WS: I dunno but whatever our commander-in-chief asks of me I will humbly serve."

Written by Miki Turner


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