Luda's On a Roll

Luda's On a Roll

Ludacris can't catch a break.

Published June 18, 2008

Ludacris can't catch a break. But it doesn't sound like he really wants to. The busy rapper's got an album dropping in September, and has also managed to keep his film career moving, too.

According to MTV, his next film, Guy Ritchie's "RocknRolla," hits the silver screen in October. He also just finished "Max Payne" with Mark Wahlberg and "Game" with Gerard Butler.

"[Game] is basically about a bunch of inmates who place themselves in this game and get played like a video game. An actual human being plays another actual human being as a video game to shave time off of their sentences. It's a ridiculous futuristic action movie."

But best believe, he ain't retiring from the mic anytime soon.

"Music is still my number-one love," he said. "I just balance a lot of different things now."

Written by BET-Staff


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