Mr. & Mrs. Smith And Them

Mr. & Mrs. Smith And Them

There have been a lot of "royal" families in Hollywood.

Published June 17, 2008

willsmithfamily.jpg There have been a lot of "royal" families in Hollywood. The Barrymores, the Fondas, the Ball-Arnazes, the Sinatras, the Bridges', the Astins, the Hooks', the Rosses and many more. But collectively, none of them can compare to the buzz created by the Smiths--particularly this summer.

In just a few weeks some of us will be celebrating the Fourth of July weekend Big Willie Style when Will Smith takes to the streets to save the world from yet another impending disaster in "Hancock" on July 2. On Sept. 12 Miss Jada kicks it with some of Hollywood's top leading ladies in "The Women," a remake of the 1939 George Cukor classic about a woman whose friends rally around her when she discovers her husband is stepping out on her. And the youngest member of the clan, Willow Smith, will go up against dad when her flick opens up on the same day.

Willow, 7, is one of the young stars of "Kit Kittredge: An American Girl" and according to her dad she's more than ready for her close-up--again. She made a brief appearance with her dad in "I Am Legend."

"She has a drive," Will told reporters during the press junket for "Legend." "She has an energy and she just connects to human emotion. I think a big part was probably [seeing] Jaden after The Pursuit of Happyness. She saw what Jaden did, and she was like, 'I want that.'"

Sibling rivalry aside, Smith said that Jaden and Willow approach their part-time jobs very differently.

"Jaden is [like] Johnny Depp," Will said. "He just wants to do good work. He loves acting, he just wants to make good movies.

"And Willow is Paris Hilton," Smith says, laughing. "Willow wants to be on TV."

Although Will said Jaden, who played his son in "The Pursuit of Happyness" helped make him a better actor by being so giving, he hinted that a collaborative venture with Willow might come off a little differently.

"You don't work with Willow," Will said with a laugh. "You work for Willow."

Written by Miki Turner


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