Jackson And Mac Bare Their Souls

Jackson And Mac Bare Their Souls

Although Samuel L.

Published July 22, 2008

Soul Men

Although Samuel L. Jackson works more than any brother in Hollywood his last few flicks haven't really scored well at the box office. He was great in "Resurrecting the Champ," but that was a bust. OK in "Home of the Brave," but that made no money and he was good in "1408" and "Black Snake Moan," but those fell flat, too.

Perhaps he'll bounce back this November when he shares the screen with Bernie Mac in "Soul Men." This might seem to be an unlikely pairing given their career paths, but trust, these brothers are more alike than there are dissimilar.

Jackson might play a lot of bad asses on the screen but he can be a real cut up in person. And Mac is the consummate clown. So, I'm betting this pairing will work.

The film, which is directed by Malcolm Lee ("Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins," "The Best Man") is about an estranged Sam and Dave-like duo who reunite 20 years after their breakup to pay homage to their recently deceased band leader.

As far as I know neither Jackson or Mac are accomplished singers so it'll be interesting to see if they can pull that off. I'm looking forward, however, to seeing what appears to be the testosterone version of "Dreamgirls." Sharon Leal, Issac Hayes and John Legend are also in the cast.

Written by Miki Turner


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