Snoop's Gone Bollywood

Snoop's Gone Bollywood

The Dogg has been bitten.

Published July 8, 2008


The Dogg has been bitten.

Snoop Dogg, arguably one of the more entertaining raptors (rapper-actors) has gone from the West to the East for his latest inspiration. The Long Beach, Calif. native and star of such memorable film as "Soul Plane" and "Starksy & Hutch" is  now stepping into Bollywood.  Snoop will team up with Indian star Akshay Kumar--often referred to as the Indian James Bond--to film a music video of the theme song of Kumar's new film "Singh is Kinng."

Joining Snoop and Kumar will be RDB (Rhythm, Dhol, Bass), a group consisting of three brothers. The song was officially launched last month at the IFA Festival in Bangkok. While the other two sing the lyrics to the track in their native dialect, Snoop's bit goes like this:

Ferrari's Bugatti's and Maseratis
Snoop D O double G life of the party
Lay back, stay back, I'm in the Mayback
This ain't James Brown but it's the big payback
Watch me zoom by, make it boom by
What up to all the ladies hanging out it Mumbai
Cheese makes dollaz east west masala
Singh is the Kinng so you all have to follow

Singh is Kinng
Singh is Kinng
Singh is Kinng
Hun har koi jaane

Singh is Kinng
Singh is Kinng
Singh is Kinng
Duniya de Raaje

And you know that's right. Kudos to Snoop, who just went country in his latest single "My Medicine" for breaking out of his box. As for his own film career Snoop will next be seen in Por vida, a film about a Latino gang member in South Central Los Angeles. It's also rumored that he'll be in "I.E.", another gang-related flick set in Southern California's Inland Empire.

Written by Miki Turner


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