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Mr. President, We've Found The Right Man For The Job

Mr. President, We've Found The Right Man For The Job

OK WTF fans.

Published August 4, 2008

OK WTF fans. Your votes have been received and recorded. We now have our next President. Well, in the movies at least. And despite all the write-in votes for Robert Downey Jr. the winner is...

a_82121.jpg barack_obama_journaltimes_photo.jpg

Harry J. Lennix, a man whose image didn't even come to mind when I was thinking of potential candidates for the Barack Obama movie, would in fact be perfect. Not only does he bear an amazing resemblance to the 46-year-old senator from Illinois, but he already has some experience in the Oval Office after having played Geena Davis' chief of staff in the compelling but short-lived "Commander in Chief."

And how about this? He's from Chicago, too!

Many of you voted for Will Smith, but he's the dude who should be answering the phone at 3 p.m., not 3 a.m.

Now as far as the casting for Michelle goes, I still like Taraji Henson, but she is a little on the short side. So, maybe we should be looking at Tasha Smith,  Sanaa Lathan, Regina King, Kerry Washington or Gabrielle Union.

Here's the rumored wish list we're sending to for the other roles:

John McCain--Jon Voight (even though he's too young).

Hillary Clinton--Amy Poehler

Young Barack--Jaden Smith

Teen Barack--Chris Brown

Sasha Obama-- Willow Smith

Malia Obama--KeKe Palmer

Rev. Jeremiah Wright--James Pickens ("Grey's Anatomy)

Barack's father--Derek Luke

Barack's mother--Kate Bosworth (young)

Barack's mother--Susan Sarandon (old)

Bill Clinton--Josh Brolin (dye his hair, he'll work)

Spike Lee--Robert Downey Jr.

Jesse Jackson--Jeffrey Wright

Al Sharpton--himself

Auditions will be held later for other roles including: vice-president, secretary of state, Ludacris and George Clinton (who will be performing at the Inaugural Ball).

Written by Miki Turner


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