Cube Goes Long In New Film Based On True Story

Cube Goes Long In New Film Based On True Story

Ice Cube who has gone from being a boy in da hood to Mr.

Published August 21, 2008


Ice Cube who has gone from being a boy in da hood to Mr. Family Friendly, is back this week in a film based on the first girl to play in a Pop Warner championship game.

Cube plays Curtis Plummer, a down-and-out brother still clinging to his glory days as a high school football star in "The Longshots," which hits theaters Friday. Out of work, the only gig he can get is babysitting his deadbeat dad brother's daughter, whom he can't seem to get along with. Their contentious relationship, however, soon blossoms into mutual respect when Curtis discovers that he niece has some skills on the gridiron and begins to coach her.

Keke Palmer plays Jasmine Plummer, an 11-year-old female quarterback who made history leading her Pop Warner team to the national championshop. Cube, who is no stranger to football, said he was inspired by the story because it was true.

"I think (it being true) to me is worth making a movie for," he said. "Anybody can make believe something like this and you know, and we've seen Princess Quarterback and back in the day, but this was a true story about real people and football is just really the backdrop of this movie. This movie is about two people getting themselves off the deck, helping each other and building their self-esteem back and in the process building their community back."

Although he's known success as a rapper, producer and movie star, Cube still considers himself a longshot.

"Definitely," he said. "A long shot to make it in the rap game, coming from the West Coast. You can count most of the big West Coast artists on one hand. So, to me that was a long shot. Going from doing that to making a movie like this and being accepted and more normal and not such a novelty type of thing. That's a long shot to me."

The film also stars Tasha Smith as Jasmine's mother, Jill Marie Jones, Glenn Plummer and Garrett Morris.

Written by Miki Turner


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