What's Wrong With This Photo?

What's Wrong With This Photo?


Published August 10, 2008


Irony. It's a bad mutha...They say death comes in threes, but what are the chances that two of the three men in this photo passed away within 24 hours of each other? Is "Soul Men" cursed? I know, shut my mouth. But I'm just saying...

First you have Bernie Mac, one of the film's leading men, dying of complications from pneumonia on Saturday morning, and on the next day, his costar Isaac Hayes is found dead in his home lying by his active treadmill.

Crazy. You've got to start wondering what's up. It's not unusual to have the stars of a film die in succession years after the movie's been released, but before? I'm no Hollywood historian, but I can't remember a time that things have gone down like this before the flick hits the multiplex. It's mad eery.

Just to recap what WTF already reported last week, Mac will be playing the estranged singing partner of Samuel L. Jackson in this comedy directed by Malcolm Lee. Hayes plays himself.

"Soul Men" isn't the first time Mac and Hayes had worked together. Hayes guest starred as himself on "The Bernie Mac Show" in 2005. There was some memorable magic between the two of them then so I can only imagine their big-screen pairing would be more of the same.

Note to Sam Jackson: Take care my brother.

Written by Miki Turner


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