Carey And Daniels Hook Up Again

Carey And Daniels Hook Up Again

It appears that Mariah Carey (a.k.a.

Published September 23, 2008


It appears that Mariah Carey (a.k.a. Mrs. Nick Cannon) has put her "Glitter" days behind her and made some serious inroads in her film career.

Carey has teamed up with filmmaker Lee Daniels ("Monster's Ball," "Shadowboxer") for two upcoming films. The first, "Tennessee," features the pop diva plays the battered wife of a state trooper. The film premiered last spring at the Tribeca Film Festival and critics gave Carey their blessings for her affecting performance.


The second film is called "Push," a drama about an overweight HIV-positive women who has been knocked up twice by her father.

Daniels has a history of writing strong roles for women--look what he did for Oscar winner Halle Berry. So, who knows, the Grammy winning Carey could have some golden boys in her future, too.

Carey also recently announced that she will be producing a movie musical based on her 1994 Christmas CD "Merry Christmas." According to the New York Daily News the film is set in a small town that developers want to turn into a shopping mall.

Somehow, that seems a little less interesting than the Daniels projects, even if it is being scripted by the same dude who gave us "High School Musical."

Written by Miki Turner


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