Movie Review: The Unborn

Movie Review: The Unborn

Summary: Casey is having redundant nightmares of toddlers, infants, bugs, and pit bulls.

Published January 9, 2009

Summary : Casey is having redundant nightmares of toddlers, infants, bugs, and pit bulls. She and her superstitious best friend (Meagan Good ) do some investigating reporting that results in twins, Nazis, the elderly, and a family curse. It’s up to Casey to stop this cycle of paranormal terror. Only through an exorcism, and with the help of Idris Elba , will her life return to a normal college student in suburban Chicago.

Review : For some oddball reason Hollywood is obsessed with recreating the success of The Exorcist from 1973—the legendary childhood possession flick that petrified a generation. Over 35 years later, Hollywood is chanting 100 Hail Marys hoping they can somehow recapture the terror and box office numbers. However, it didn’t work in 2005’s The Exorcism of Emily Rose , 1999’s Stigmata (even though it’s always good to see Nia Long on screen), or the endless Exorcist sequels. So here we go again…

The Unborn wants to be mystical and scary, but it’s more cheap and laughable. The overacting, generic plots, and shabby special effects doesn’t even allow the flick to have a so-bad-it’s-good appeal. Even when the film attempts to get “deep” with a holocaust twist, it just ends up using a terrible moment in history as a tawdry film gimmick. While some of the snap-cut scenes with bombastic music might make you jump or squirm, it’s a momentary sensation that vanishes with an over dramatic scream or too much suspension of disbelief.

Thankfully, Meagan Good manages to save the film at times. It’s fascinating how this underrated actress, who has an over ten-year career, can switch from a movie like Deliver Us from Eva to a cheesy horror film and still make it work.  Good was funny, natural, and said exactly what you were thinking as the demon child harasses folks. The look on her face oozed, “I’m going to make this character work!” She surely did and The Unborn probably would’ve been a better film if she were the lead. She was the most likable and the one character who made people laugh when they were supposed to.

Idris Elba is in a small role that was definitely beneath him. However, he is another actor who will do everything in his soul to make a character work. Strangely, Elba and Good are the most trained and famous actors in the main cast, but yet they received undeserving roles. They could’ve been better as top billing, versus the lead, Odette Yusman , who is just on her first film and prancing around in her T-shirt and panties.

The Unborn is a story that should have remained untold and will be forgotten by the end of the weekend.  Nonetheless, Meagan Good proves that she is deserving of a lead in a big budget movie.

I guess you will have to watch to see if they kill off the only black woman and black man in the movie.  You know how they do with black folks in horror movies!

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Written by Clay Cane


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