Movie Review: The Uninvited

Movie Review: The Uninvited

Summary: Anna (Emily Browning) is a teen who is haunted by the death of her mother.

Published January 30, 2009

Summary : Anna (Emily Browning ) is a teen who is haunted by the death of her mother. After spending time in a treatment center, she is angered with her father's new girlfriend who is her soon-to-be stepmother and all hallucination hell breaks loose.

Review : I once heard horror movies that are released in the beginning of the year are the ones that did no't make the cut for Halloween season. This must be the case for The Unborn , My Bloody Valentine 3D and now The Uninvited .  These exhaustive, unoriginal movies are single-handedly ruining the horror film genre.

Just to set the taste level, the first line in The Uninvited opens with "I love you, I have a condom." Yep, the bar is already lowered. Basically, pretty teens are prancing around trying to discover the mystery -- but there is no mystery. The plot is in a messy shambles and leaves you feeling uninvited and uninterested. Poorly executed, with the creators relying on hallucinations and dream sequences rather than a coherent plot.

On the other hand, the special effects are acceptable but wasted on an awful premise. Thankfully, the acting is solid and some of the actors might have a career ahead of them.

You can expect a few jumps in the beginning, but after being consistently stupefied by the drab story -- there are no more scares, just deep sighs and scrolling through your text messages.  You know it is a disaster when you are more interested in your phone than the movie.

The last blow is an attempt to be "smart" with a tragically weak "twist ending." The twist is more like a sloppy knot in a far from unforgettable film. The Uninvited is a model on how to make an uneventful horror flick.

Taken and The Uninvited are in theatres today.

Written by Clay Cane


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