Chris Rock Will Be a Black Friend

Chris Rock Will Be a Black Friend

Odd title for a post?

Published October 6, 2009

cr2 Odd title for a post? Well, it's true. The comedian turned documentarian will star in the movie Will You Be My Black Friend? , based on the GQ magazine article in November 2008 by Devin Friedman . In the article, Friedman is perplexed why has no Black friends and he makes it his American duty to find some.

Lionsgate is pairing up with Oprah's company Harpo Films, Inc. to make the movie. The studio described the film as:

Inspired by a true story, a white, married journalist living in Manhattan comes to the unnerving realization one night at a cocktail party that virtually his entire social circle is white. Indeed his entire existence has become steeped in a certain style of "whiteness": a rarefied industry (publishing); a weekend house in the Catskills; yoga; ambient music; and seasonal gourmet cooking. With help of the internet, a "white guy" sets off on a humorous journey to make "black friends," only to discover that regardless of race, the older you get, the harder it is to make friends.

Interesting idea for a movie -- I hope Rock is part of the script so he can inject that political but hilarious commentary.  It will be interesting to see who will play the White dude seeking out Black folks -- I can see Brian Austin Green or anyone from The Hills in the role -- they look like they don't know any Black people!

Don’t forget Good Hair is in theaters Friday, October 9th !

Written by Clay Cane


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