Movie Review: Bronson

Movie Review: Bronson

Review: Based on the true story of Michael Peterson, Britain's most famous and violent prisoner.

Published October 19, 2009

BronsonReview : Based on the true story of Michael Peterson, Britain's most famous and violent prisoner. Peterson was incarcerated at the age of 19 and soon changed his name to Charles Bronson (after the popular movie star). Deciding that he wanted to be famous, he was an unruly prisoner, spending 30 out of his 34 years in solitary confinement and he is still in prison to this day.

Summary : Bronson is all about style and flawless acting rather than a completely enjoyable movie. Tom Hardy , who plays Bronson, gives a disgustingly excellent performance with monologues, various costumes and musical numbers. He manages to take us into the world of Michael Peterson/Charles Bronson, who is creative, campy and crazy, but there is no explanation for his psychosis. The movie shows no childhood abuse and no reason for his obsession with being a career criminal. One can only assume there is no reason – this is just how Bronson was born. Nonetheless, Hardy cleverly manages to give the unsympathetic character a spirit.

The director, Nicholas Winding Refn , delivers the movie with incredible color, style and polish. Any film guru or even student of film would have to admire Refn's cinematography and eye for making the unnatural work. That said, the glamour was almost distracting in a movie that is about such an outrageous person. I needed a little more grit and grime than glowing perfection. Hardy's vulgar performance is not complimented by Refn's decorative filmmaking style. The movie might have been more effective if it followed a standard biopic tale versus something that played like an off-off-off Broadway musical.

Whatever the case, even with its flaws Bronson is still a good movie. Not sure if I would recommend it , but you may hear the film's name this awards season.

Bronson is playing in select theaters now.

Written by Clay Cane


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