Movie Review: Paranormal Activity

Movie Review: Paranormal Activity

Summary: A suburban couple is being haunted.

Published October 12, 2009

paranormalactivitySummary : A suburban couple is being haunted.

Review : I wanted to love it. I thought I would love it. Considering the hype, I expected Paranormal Activity would at least equal Blair Witch Project . However, this film has got to be one of the most boring and predictable horror movies of the year. How many times can a door creak? How many times can you hear booming foot steps? How many times can someone wake up screaming? According to Paranormal Activity , for about 84 minutes and suddenly people are terrified.

I certainly respect filmmakers who can make a movie for less than $11,000 -- kudos to them.  Nonetheless, as much as I wanted to love this movie, I was completely disappointed. There was little to no storyline. The characters had no sense of urgency and were eye-rolling predictable. There was no explanation as to why this was happening. The "terror" was redundant. The movie had no sense of direction.  At any moment, I was waiting to be overwhelmed with fear, instead I was underwhelmed with media hype.

The hand-held style of filmmaking does not bother me . Sometimes it creates an atmosphere of tension.  But, in Paranormal it was an atmosphere of irritation.  In order to keep an audience engaged with this realism style of shaky camera angles, you need consistent drama and a building of suspense that results in a climax -- this wasn't the case.

In reviewing the film, there isn't but so much to say because not enough happened. About 10 minutes of the flick could've been on YouTube and it would've been an internet sensation with millions of hits. However, as a feature-length movie, many viewers will be horrified with boredom at this overly hyped, unoriginal drip of a movie.

Paranormal Activity is in select cities now.

Written by Clay Cane


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