Movie Review: Saw VI

Movie Review: Saw VI

Summary: Jigsaw is back... again, to make people value life through sadistic traps and games.

Published October 26, 2009

sawviSummary : Jigsaw is back... again, to make people value life through sadistic traps and games.

Review : Who can expect something worthy of good reviews after the sixth installment?  Saw is the Friday The 13th or Nightmare On Elm Street of this generation: plots are secondary, strong acting is unnecessary and the creators are more interested in cashing in on the franchise.

Well, this time around the writers of Saw watched too many Michael Moore movies. The victims are all folks who are involved in predatory lending and denying health care. Yep, Jigsaw is a health care advocate -- in his own gruesome way. For some viewers, this might be a cute little twist, for others it will be Saw taking itself way too seriously. Whatever the case, this injection of social commentary is about as much storyline as you will get in Saw VI .

On the gore level, it's just as gruesome as the rest. However, unlike the first two Saw s, it's purely for shock value and completely irrelevant to the story.  Random people pop up like janitors, secretaries and detectives, their scenes are so quick you forget their names and why they are forced to play Jigsaw's game. There is no investment in the disposable and underdeveloped characters.

On the other hand, the traps are interesting. It's clear the creators are focused more on intricate traps than a movie that would keep your attention. This lack of intellect and creativity is perplexing, considering the first two Saw s are horror classics with clever twists. Do writers and producers purposely give up when there are too many sequels?  I'm assuming the creators of Saw walked into the movie saying, "We are going to make a stupid movie and everyone will watch it because it's Halloween!" Talk about being duped.

Saw VI is in theaters now.

Written by Clay Cane


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