Brandy As Precious?

Brandy As Precious?

I am sure you had to re-read the title, but it is true. 

Published November 9, 2009

brandy I am sure you had to re-read the title, but it is true.  The author of the book version of Precious , Sapphire , was actually told that pop star Brandy would be great as the role of Precious -- a 350 pound Black girl from Harlem.  Sapphire revealed to Entertainment Weekly , "This one producer told me he had found Precious - and it was going to be (singer/actress) Brandy. Excuse me? I literally almost hung up on him."

While I like Brandy -- it is absolutely inconceivable for her to play Precious .  I am shocked that someone had the audacity to pitch Brandy to Sapphire.  Thankfully, Sapphire had enough integrity in her work to pass on that one.

Sapphire also reveals that Madonna was interested in producing Precious -- she passed on that one too.

Whew -- two dodged bullets!  Lee Daniels eventually obtained the rights to the project and the wonderful Gabourey “Gabby” Sidibe landed the role.

Wow, just think of how many movies have been ruined by casting someone just because of their popularity and not if they fit the role.  I'm not naming any names...

Written by Clay Cane


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