DVD Review: 'Bruno'

DVD Review: 'Bruno'

Bruno comes out on DVD today and for anyone who is a fan of the movie, the DVD does not disappoint.

Published November 17, 2009

brunoBruno comes out on DVD today and for anyone who is a fan of the movie , the DVD does not disappoint. The edgy Sacha Baron Cohen delivers in this mockumentary about an eccentric Austrian celebrity who wants to be world famous. While shocking, disturbing and hilarious, Bruno still provides sharp commentary on prejudice and the narcissism of celebrity.

The DVD is stacked with one hour of special features, which includes the previously deleted La Toya Jackson footage. Shortly after the initial screenings of Bruno , MJ passed away -- out of respect, the scene was cut from the film. Thankfully, the scene is completely respectful with La Toya doing her classic giggle -- Bruno manages to run La Toya out of the room!

Other deleted scenes include interviews with a White supremacist, an overzealous interior designer, vapid models and more.

In addition, many of your "How did they do that?" questions are answered in audio commentary from Cohen and the director Larry Charles . Considering all of the risky stunts that were pulled off involving everyone from terrorist groups to politicians, it's a wonder Cohen got out unscathed.

Bruno is out on DVD today. Check out the La Toya Jackson scene below!

Written by Clay Cane


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