Queen Latifah Talks 'Precious'

Queen Latifah Talks 'Precious'

The Lee Daniels film, Precious, is moving the world. 

Published November 29, 2009

aqueen The Lee Daniels film, Precious, is moving the world .  The movie has already grossed over 32 million at the box office and only had a production budget of 10 million. Performances from Mo'Nique and Gabourey Sidbe are considered award-worthy.

Oscar nominee, Queen Latifah , wrote about her Precious experience, mainly Paula Patton 's performance, to Variety.com.

From the minute she appears in the film you can't help but feel blanketed in the warmth and kindness of her character. She feels the pain and past tragedies of her students but she doesn't harp on the negative. She lifts them up and she carries them forward. She gives them hope and a sense of themselves and in the process she gives the audience a reason to keep going on Precious' journey no matter what's in store.

Great words from the Queen!  How was your Precious experience?

Written by Clay Cane


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