Sheneneh and Wanda Movie A Go!

Sheneneh and Wanda Movie A Go!

It all started right here at BET!

Published November 19, 2009

wandashenenh It all started right here at BET! One of the funniest moments at this year's BET Awards had to be the Sheneneh and Wanda skit "Skank Robbers" with Jamie Foxx and Martin Lawrence .  Well, the fans spoke and the film is a go.  According to

Foxx will write the script, which he and Martin will produce through Foxx's FoxxKing and Lawrence's Runteldat production banners.

The project originated as a parody of a movie trailer for a film called "Skank Robbers," which Foxx and Lawrence made for the BET Awards. The reaction was strong enough that the duo decided to turn the concept into a real film.

In case you forgot, Sheneneh Jenkins was a character from the 90s sitcom Martin .  She lived across the hall from Martin and consistently harassed his wife, Gina, and Gina's best friend, Pam .

Wanda was from In Living Color , always on the hunt for a man with her "naturally" blond hair and outlandish outfits.  Her catch phrases like, "I'm reat' to go!" and "I'm gonna rock your world!" made her one of the show's most popular characters.

Congrats to Foxx and Lawrence on sealing the deal.  No word on a release date but let's hope we don't have to wait too long.  I wonder if Madea will make a cameo ?

Check out the clip that started it all!


Written by Clay Cane


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