Ten Worst Films of '09

Ten Worst Films of '09

In order to have the good, you need the bad. 

Published December 28, 2009

Megan Good In order to have the good , you need the bad.  Check out the list below for my top ten worst films of 2009.

10. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
harrypotter "An uninformed audience is left with a movie that feels like 90210 meets Mr. Wizard . I'd rather watch David Copperfield make the Statue of Liberty disappear for 153 minutes than endure this flick's trite magic tricks."

9. Paranormal Activity (2009)
paranormalactivity "I respect filmmakers who can make a film for $11,000. However, ten minutes of this movie could've been on YouTube and it would've been an internet sensation. As a feature length film, many viewers will be horrified with boredom at this drip of a movie."

8. He's Just Not That Into You
hesnotthatinto " Works as an hour episode of Oprah or a thirty-minute episode of Sex and the City , but as a full length movie -- I'm just not that into it."

7. Knowing
knowing "Knowing that 'Knowing' is not worth your money is probably your best bet in movies to not pay for this weekend."

6. Friday the 13th
friday-the-13th "Friday the 13th Part 12 will not sell at the box office, so they toss the word 'remake' out there to dupe its audience into another installment of this crappy horror flick."

5. The Unborn
unborn "The Unborn is a story that should have remained untold and will be forgotten by the end of the weekend."

4. District 9
district9 " Overall, with aliens that look like a crossbreed of roaches and lobsters, District 9 is a bad episode of Star Trek meets an insipid Apartheid mini-series. This was one disappointing sci-fi spectacle."

3. Disgrace
disgrace "The person snoring next to me is a perfect example of how colossally insignificant this fatiguing and strenuous flick is with its implausibility, unrecognizable characters and tattered plot line."

2. The Haunting in Connecticut
ct " If you can solve 0 plus 0, you can predict the ending."

1. The Uninvited
uninvitedposter "Just to set the taste level, the first line in The Uninvited is 'I love you, I have a condom.' Yep, the bar is already lowered."

Written by Clay Cane


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