Chris Brown's film career intact

Chris Brown's film career intact

The Chris Brown and Rihanna media firestorm is unavoidable. 

Published February 17, 2009

cbrown The Chris Brown and Rihanna media firestorm is unavoidable .  The 19 year-old R&B-pop star, who admittedly assaulted his girlfriend Rihanna , rapidly lost endorsements ("Got Milk" and Wrigley gum ). Also, his music has been banned throughout radio stations across the country . Nonetheless, Chris' film career still looks stable.

Brown is set to star in Caramel , alongside Lauren London , Cassie and Chingy . According to, "Cali Carmichael took a shot at love and it back fired on him; Caramel Cruz is crazy about someone else. Petey Perez is the player that stole her heart and she could already hear the violin strings playing at her wedding. But what she didn't know was that while those violin strings were playing in her head, Petey Perez was playing her."

The writer and director of Caramel , Melvin James , told Life and Style Magazine , "Chris' current situation hasn't had any effect on things in terms of the film. We're still planning on working with him. We're looking to shoot around September. We got pushed back a little because of other projects."

The question is -- will the movie be successful considering his current situation?

Written by Clay Cane


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